Thursday, September 24, 2009


WAter crisis in Purulia district is not new. Every year some parts of this district face severe water crisis during the summer. But whenever drought or similar situation arrives the development authorities oft for sinking tubewells in the affected area. But while sinking such tube wells attention should be given to the hydrogeological condition of the district. This district is mainly a granitic terrain consisting of crystalline basement rocks thinly covered with weathered mantle. There is a shallow fracture zone. This thin porous medium can not store sufficient quantity of groundwater. So most of the tube wells fail to yield water for a long time. It is always wise to opt for harnessing rainwater on the surface. Here is a high resolution hydrogeological map of Purulia.


  1. Purulia municipality has stopped giving water connections to residences since 70s. But it gives connection to hotels and lodges.

  2. This is very true that water management should be done on priority basis and after doing some sort of research. Water should be preserve on high attention to get save water for future generation.