Sunday, December 3, 2017

Industrial Water Resource Management, Challenges and Opportunities for Corporate Water Stewardship

John Wiley & Sons has recently published my book on Industrial water resource management. This book provides the tools that allow companies to understand the fundamental concepts of water resource management and to take proper action towards sustainable development 
Businesses, communities, and ecosystems everywhere depend on clean freshwater to survive and prosper. When the same source of water is shared for economic, social, and environmental causes it becomes the responsibility of every sector to develop a sustainable water strategy beneficial for all. This book offers a water resource management plan for industries that is directly implementable and consistent with the Water Framework Directives of different countries with a special emphasis on developing countries—a plan that is economically efficient, socially equitable, and environmentally sustainable.
Industrial Water Resource Management, Challenges and Opportunities for Efficient Water Stewardship offers explicit technical and investment solutions, socioeconomic and legal instruments, and recommendations for institutional restructuring. Written by a leading world expert in the field, it covers a wide range of topics including:
●      Source water assessment and protection
●      Water audit, industrial water footprint assessment—an evaluation of tools and methodologies
●      Corporate water disclosure methods and tools
●      Water stewardship by the industries
●      Stakeholder collaboration and engagement
●      New technologies enabling companies to better manage water resources
Given the well-known challenge of managing natural resources in a way that maximizes and sustains social welfare, this book provides an invaluable point of reference for applied researchers and policy makers working in water resources management.
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Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Today 13th April 2016 at about 1928 hours a mild tremor is felt in Kolkata. It shook my chair and I felt the waves below my feet. People, in my neighbourhood are scared. It is a mild tremor. The epicentre might be far away. waiting for further result.